Flash page flip component 1.8.5

No Image FlippingBook page flip flash component is intended for page flipping and supports Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 authoring tools. You may get the component ready to work in just a few seconds right from the development environment. The component supports pages containing Library Symbols, external JPEG images and external SWF files. Also, flipping sound is supported. FlippingBook page flip flash component provides for software page caching.

ZylGPSReceiver 3.68: Delphi/CBuilder component that communicates with a serial GPS receiver.
ZylGPSReceiver 3.68

ZylGPSReceiver is a Delphi/CBuilder component that communicates with a serial GPS receiver. This component works with any NMEA compatible receiver connected to one of the serial ports. You can use it also with USB and Bloototh devices, because these devices usually have a driver that redirects the input from the USB port to a virtual serial port. With this component you will be able to develop robust GPS Delphi or CBuilder applications.

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SefTranslate basic 1.0: Sef Translate component permit translate yours Joomla site content
SefTranslate basic 1.0

SefTranslate component permit translate yours Joomla site content to all language what Google Translate support. This component for SEO and SEF, it permit extend yours site content in some times. More languages - more big yours site That component work only together with SefTranslate module. This component permit do content translate with help AJax or with help Redirect. For main menu component permit build site map

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Memory game flash component 1.1: memory component for flash, you can personalize the number of columns or rows
Memory game flash component 1.1

component. Download the free functionality memory game. Improve your memory skills with this component. Put it on your site and let`s play the user with the classic memory card game. The component is easy to configure and personalize. You can decide the space between the cards, the size of the cards and their pictures. You can define also the number of columns and rows for your memory. The component is delivered in the form of an MXP file so it will

card, memory, component, game, crifano, flash

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Pivo FTP Component 1.01

component is a fully featured, easy to use implementation of the FTP protocol for .NET, ASP.NET and COM based applications. Fully compliant with RFC 959 and related RFCs, the component has been thoroughly tested with all popular FTP servers. The component is written in 100% managed C# code. Pivo FTP is a Server component completely written using .NET technology. It can be used with any window, web based .NET applications and COM clients to programmatically

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TBookmarks Component 2.8: Delphi component to explore all Bookmarks, Favorites and Hotlists
TBookmarks Component 2.8

component on the form and assign its Menu property and OnURL event. Set Enabled to True to collect all bookmark information in the specified TMenuItem. You can also use TTreeView component to make TBookmarks populate the entries there automatically. The component distribution includes a sample application, BDemo.exe, as a compiled executable. It shows the basic usage of TBookmarks component. When you order the component, you will be provided with

mozilla bookmarks, opera hotlists, netscape bookmarks, ms internet explorer favorites, borland delphi

Live Email Validation Component 2.4: Email Validation Component
Live Email Validation Component 2.4

"The Email Validation Component is a true native, 100% managed C# component that can be implemented for both Webform and Winform." Email Validation Component does: 1. An accurate syntax check 2. A domain check by looking up MX records 3. A username test using SMTP We`ve packed a full set of solid, professional networking code into a simple component. With only one method call.

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